About Us

Elder Emmanuel O. Mantse
1000 Morris Assembly, NY


To motivate, train and equip its members and associates to be true disciples of Christ who are matured, established, fruitful, useful and responsible Christians who will be ready and able to help rebuild, expand and develop the church of God, and excel in life in a holistic way (spiritually, physically, academically, professionally, socially, financially, etc.)

Our objectives are set to meet the dynamics in the Diaspora. Due to some factors like settlements, climate changes, work, restrictions of worship in some colleges, etc. we wish to embark on these steps to lift up the name Jesus Christ that he may draw men unto himself. These objectives include but not limited to:

  • Outreach programs to ensure church planting and discipleship in the United States. 

  • Organize meaningful, productive and purposeful seminars to enhance spiritual and 
attitudinal growth for members and the church as a whole while promoting the renewal 
of the mind. 

  • Events to foster stronger fellowship and bring back home compatriots who have left for 
other churches. 

  • Follow up on our students at the various colleges to promote church stickiness, campus 
ministry and encourage mentors and mentees to build stronger bonds between the student and the professionals. 


    In the year 2013, during the month of October, God laid the burden on the heart of some young men, to gather the young adults of the church and put them to work. As simple as it seems, this was God’s exact words that He revealed to the vision bearer in the USA through a dream. The founding leader of the vision in Ghana, now Rev. Dr. Alex Edwards was gifted with the same revelation about 34 years ago as a student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, GHANA-West Africa, with the then brother, Apostle Dr. Abraham Ofori Kuragu.

    Emmanuel Opoku shared this passionate dream with the following brothers, and they were all quickened in their spirit to establish the group. The pioneers namely: George Boadu, Ricky Asante, Andrews Asiedu, Emmanuel Wiafe and Emmanuel Opoku began to pursue the vision with guidance and directives from Evangelist Samuel Akufo who was the resident pastor at 1000 Morris Assembly. Other faithful executives joined the journey with the same sense of

    The APOSA Vision is raising an army of men and women, both young and old, who know Christ experientially, to be used by God to revive, restore, strengthen and ensure the growth of the church which is the body of Christ, to be prepared for His second coming and EVANGELIZE to the lost world, and progressively advance and develop in every facet of life.

    The goal of APOSA in the USA Area is CAMPUS MINISTRY, establishing fellowships and churches on campuses where applicable, ensuring stickiness and bonding with students and associates. Offering vital support such as counseling, financial and training to students. Most importantly, ensuring high graduate retention rate in our churches across the states, attracting other nationals and putting the professional body of the church together as resource to the church.

    a. To mobilize, train and equip members for evangelism and any other activity that will ensure the enhancement and advancement of the kingdom of God (church, the body of Christ)
    b.To meet as an identifiable group to tap and enjoy the benefits inherent in Christ- centered fellowship.
    c. To help in the dissemination of the authentic Apostolic doctrine, thereby guarding members against False doctrines of devils.
d. To help in the building, rejuvenation, strengthening and maintenance of the Apostolic Church and the body of Christ as a whole.
e. To collaborate with other movements and groups within and outside the Apostolic Church in pursuit of the Great Commission.
f. To promote the spiritual, social, professional and intellectual development and well- being of members.
g. To seek and work for a revival in the Apostolic Church in United of States (USA) and in the world.

    •APOSA will span the ages of 25 years and beyond.
    •APOSA will seek CAMPUS MINISTRY and church planting.
    •APOSA will harness and develop talents of different skill sets for the church.
    •APOSA seeks to be financially independent and resourceful.
    •APOSA seeks to resource all English Assemblies with the needed manpower and membership.
    •APOSA will serve as a platform of attraction to non-Ghanaians to the church. •APOSA will forge mentorship among students and the professionals in the church. •APOSA will help improve worship and conduct of service in our various locals
    Place Of Heaven
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    “Pray! And listen to God! You can do this alone, but find somebody to do it with you”